Good Canadian ASICMiner/ Rockminer Reseller


I recommend for Canadian Buyer.

They distribute ASICMiner and Rockminers products.

I purchased my ASICMiner tube there. I stop at the Warehouse last fall on a road trip across Canada. They are legit and deliver good products. I mined with it in my hotel room for over a month. Freaking out the cleaning personnel :smile: I pop a breaker once when I started the coffee machine on same circuit as my tube. ( doh! )

Currently, they have some used ASICminer for 240$CND or 0.86259 BTC. Not the most efficient miner but if you need to heat your place during winter, you don’t need to care. You also save on custom fee.

Not affiliated with them, just wanted to share for your Canadian shopping spree. :wink:


Nice thanks for sharing!