[WTS] 1,300 GHX @ .015 ea. (SOLD OUT)


I am looking to sell 1,300 GHX @ .015 ea. If anyone is interested then please PM me or hell…just leave a message here and we will work it out :slight_smile: Thanks!

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If I didn’t just blow all my spare BTC on hashnest S7s I would buy you out for undercutting my price :smile:

That said, per the conversation in slack I hope things work out for you friend.


Thanks @ThePeddler :smile:

1,038 left to sell folks. Get 'em while they’re hot and smokin!


Now 986 left.


damnit…i wanted 987. maybe next time.


We’re down to 826 left to go. Thanks to all of you that helped :slight_smile:


@lothendriel 2 orders up on the exchange for you to sell into.


Thanks! Just saw this. :slight_smile:


I can still help you with that friend :smile:


He settled for 986 and a diet coke :slight_smile:


Woah, woah, woah…I never agreed on diet! Deal off. 986 GHx left…0.016.


What’s left I’m looking to buy some?


I will buy 10 if still available? I have BTC ready to go :smile:


I have 940.5 left to sell

Make that 930.5 :slight_smile: @Paulio Do you want me to put them on the exchange? If not then I can give you the BTC address if you give me your asset address?


Sweet, Thank you. I am happy to send you BTC direct. Give me your BTC address and I will reply with the TX and my asset address :).


Can I send to an address to?


@Paulio send .15 BTC to 1Le6MPSzPuaXAVNJmG6vzxfRk6QEHbuPk5

How many would you like? And yes, sure


whatevers left, trying to get to 1155 or more


Done. Please send GHX to akBkY97Adm8btP3yticGssCjRaeyabyLY5V


Pleasure doing business with you :).


I apologize… My Cloud wallet was a little behind. 920 left after @Paulio’s purchase. If you want these @izombie then send 13.8 BTC to that BTC address I gave @Paulio