WTS 1.8 ABCr1 and 1.8 ABCr2


Because the exchange has been being retarded trying to sell these, I figured I would just throw them up on the forum. Whoever agreed to buy them for 0.01/per on the exchange please reach out to me.

.018 BTC for each set.
Whoever wants them speak up :+1:

@Daffy this was the “credentials do not match” issue I mentioned awhile back.
Seems to only be happening with these so I gave up trying :frowning:


Hmm can you access the private keys for that address. If not you won’t be able to transfer them anyway.


That was me trying to grab the r2.


Yes, which is silly I type in the password to get to the exchange on that address but cannot validate the sale after getting to the exchange. Only happens with that address though as others are fine.

.02 BTC and you can have both sets.
address is 1PTKFCDyJjfJMRFSkeFiStmNw9t4dJuKRi

Just let me know your asset address and when you send the BTC :smile:


BTC sent

Asset address is akDgGHXBVsotdKeZZAx7usNJj2nQgcdGj4y


And done.
Finally found them a new home :smile:
Thanks much!