[WTS] 1000 GHX @ .0149 ea.


I needs da money!! If you’re interested then PM me and we will work out the details. I will do escrow or put them on the exchange. Whatever floats your boat. Thanks y’all :slight_smile:

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$#%^&*( no free BTC… what a great deal


I might break this into smaller chunks if someone wants less


84 sold already. Down to 916 left


Created a summoning circle for the neckbeard’s to payout the HYIPs and debts owed to me…

Collecting monies now and will back for what’s left…


Right on man LOL. Hope your voodoo works :slight_smile:


Ill take 100…send me a PM with your info. Thanks.


PM sent @olddigger


Great transaction with @lothendriel. Thanks again.


You’re not so bad yourself @olddigger :slight_smile: LOL. No, really, smooth transaction. Thank you as well


You are busy. ACMT? :pensive:


Thanks Sir. :wink:


Apologies folks. I had to look at a place. Need a winter home lol. I am writing up ACMT right now. The divs are already in your wallets maybe 2 hours now. I pushed them out before i left the office :wink:

Get the report out to you shortly. :+1:


The rest is mine! As soon as we get done signing…


Any left?


Nope. Bought all the rest :smile:
You can close the thread.