[WTS] 2,292.7 GHX @0.016 BTC each - Closed


I would like to sell a chunk of up to 2,341.1 GHX at 0.02 BTC each which I expect to sell in smaller chunks as needed.
I figured this time around would be for the BTC minded folks ease of math :smile:

If anyone is interested, please PM me.
Thanks much!


10/6 update

It appears I forgot about this and the time has come where funds are needed…
Update the title to include the amount remaining for sale (2,292.7), as well as an updated price for quicker sales (0.016 BTC each). Have at as little or as much as you like folks :+1:

[WTS] 1,300 GHX @ .015 ea. (SOLD OUT)

That’s a lot of GHX buddy :slight_smile:


I’ll still own 20% of the farm :smile:
Just clearing some space prior to the next batch.

I see what you mean now. I forgot to write that I plan on selling up to that amount in whatever sized chunks folks would like :+1:


Yeah sorry, I meant to say just that. A lot of GHX for one chunk :wink:


Now it’s clear the sale is buffet style.
Everyone is free to grab as much or as little as they like :+1:


I’ve seen those in Mallorca. People piling more food onto their plate then they could ever possibly eat with chunks falling off the sides just because it’s all you can eat… or not eat but at least you’ve spread out the food all over the place.

Anyway… sell on! :wink:


Glad (or maybe sad?) to see buffets are the same around the world. I thought it was just an American thing having grossly enormous amounts of food :smile:


What do u think that the chunks u are selling is useless now a days?


Soooooo off-topic but I think it’s a global thing… such waste.


They are not useless at all, far from it actually :smile:

To be honest with mentions of another batch coming I figure I would cycle some GHX out to help purchase more to make the future batch happen sooner.

I am still very happy with gethashing in general :+1:


And like that 4 GHX sold!
2,337.1 left. Get them while they are hot :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


1 GHX = 1 GHX. There’s no difference between any chunk right now.


Exactly, which is why I am selling to then commit to buying them back to help push the next batch along.

Batches are all done on a pre-sale basis, as in the equipment isn’t ordered unless there is demand and folks pool funds up front (when it actually goes on sale that is) :smile:


Correct, not now, not later. GHX is always GHX.


Oh, come now, you never know what may happen in the future :-p
There could be scrypt GHX! or X11 GHX!
Colored coins aren’t limited to BTC!


Colors are limited, but limitless are their use.
Thought a cat also has limits, could not it be made limitless through color?
Through color lies the key to the soul…

everyone should be thankful I took up accounting instead of poetry :smile:

That said since sales are slow, don’t make me turn my cat into a colored coin to throw in with each sale was the deep meaning per above.

If BTC falls much farther I will be putting the sale on hold as it would no longer make sense cost wise :frowning:

or revising the BTC price


right but probably not as part of the same asset… but you’re right, you never know. Once Bitcoin Brothers starts hashing colored coins everything will change anyway (HAHA).


With payouts rocking today, I’m giving this a shameless bump :+1:


Getting back into mining after a break to welcome the daughter into the world. I would be interested in picking up 20 GHX


Congrats, on both!