[WTS]: 20 GHX @ 0.0185 BTC each


Unfortunately something came up that I need to sell some GHX. I have 20 for sale, looking to get .0185 per for a total of .37

Let me know if anyone is interested.


Forgot to mention, I have listed them on the GHExchange


Well that was quick.
Sorry to see you leave so quickly :frowning:


not satisfied with GHX?


No, unfortunately some things have come up with my 4 month old.


What did you feel that the GHX is profitable or not?


It is definitely profitable, not going to be a get rich quick scheme though. The nice thing is the GHX assets themselves hold their value and payout are derived from multiple sources (mining, rig rentals, GHMinting, etc). They are “Proof of Everything” and as someone who dealt with GAW and LTCGear it is a breath of fresh air. All, if I am missing anything or have mispoken let me know.

I am selling lower than I probably should be but I need to move quicker.

Hope that helps.


Since you just bought them from me for more, if you haven’t sold them already I will offer to take them back for the same price you paid :+1:

I will be able to process in 6-7 hrs if that works for you?

Please let me know, as it wouldn’t be right to let you sell at a loss like that…


I responded to your PM but wow. That says alot about this community!


Refund sent in exchange for the GHX back.
I hope all works out for your little one and you are able to come back soon.
When you do I’ll still be around with some to sell :smile: