WTS Addspace on my site


Selling right Addspace, adspace 2 on my site:

10$ a mont, accepting BTC,DOGE,XPY,Paypal etc




Yup i have google analytics. how do i show them…link or what not :stuck_out_tongue:


does this work


I could totally waste the ad space and have it link to my WoW Profile XD


I might pay for half of that just to see you do it :wink:


That would be something huh? Ha ha nah I’ll see if someone legitimately needs it first :stuck_out_tongue:


Legitimately needs might be a bit of a stretch. Now if I can put an add on it that will generate 10.01/month for $10/month…Well there was a time when I wasted significantly more time on faucets.

Hell it is a crypto forum. @nskendrovic how many equivalent SHA256 ghash/day do you want pointed at a pool of your choice? Say 5 days of a C1’s hash power each month?