[WTS] Antminer S3+'s (available) and S4 (Sold)



I have 4 Antminer S3+'s up for sale all run stable at 453gh/s. $125/ea ($450 for all 4)

I also have 1 Antminer S4 up for sale, stable at 2000gh/s. $450 SOLD

Please shoot me an offer either in PM or in this thread. Shipping from Zip Code 98057


I’ve just moved to the North Pole and could do with some heating …


Better yet, will you escrow?


Of course I will escrow for you mate :slight_smile:


updated op with pricing.


S4 has sold. Have updated with new pricing on the S3’s


Bumping. S3s are still available, all prices are negotiable.


yo, you still have these things? looking for a low wattage introduction for a friend with free electricity.


Yea, have all 4 still available