[WTS] Asic Share Coin (ASC)


Hiya all,

As I am in need of some quick BTC, I am selling my ASIC coins for a ~10% discount compared to the normal price.

I will sell the coins for 0.0016BTC per ASIC coin

If you are interested in buying some (I don’t have that much), send me a PM!

Thank you all

P.S. I asked Dan for permission to send a reply in this topic

ASIC SHARE COIN (High Risk Coin)

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I’d suggest to list the shares on the GHxchange as well.



Let me know if anyone is interested in buying some ASIC coins!
Payout should be good due to this message on LTCGear.com:

The several old stuck transactions will be canceled and transferred to balance during next balance update. Users are requested to check their balance after update (and adjustment).

Send me a PM if you’re interested


Updated the price, still in need of BTC!

Let me know how much you would like to buy


I hear for some people that they are still haven’t received payouts across a number of their accounts.


Everything is back in working order now, my account was stuck in a sort of limbo-order-processing state but the guys here at gethashing helped me fix it, thanks a lot!

I can now send out ASIC coins once again so I am selling them again!

You can check payouts of the ASIC coin on this asset address: https://www.coinprism.info/address/akFjXevwDmNnvgPCjvpUfQQDHgfDLF2iwrH

It has a 1000 coins in it from 31st of July till now, so it is easy to track and calculate profits.

Send me a PM when interested