[WTS] GHX .02 BTC each


Check out the title. I have bought and sold here before. PM or post if interested


How many are you selling?


I am selling 78


I’ll buy .04 BTC worth. Where shall I send BTC?


Sorry, I was AFK. I pm’ed you an addy


I’ll buy a few this sunday if there is some left. Probably for 0.2 to 0.3 btc.


Thanks for the fast and honest transaction @diesel286! :slight_smile:


can buy 14 :smile:


I’ll buy whatever you’ve got left. Please PM me. :smile:


If bitcointraderyul comes through i have literally 1 left otherwise I have 15


Thanks @BitcointraderYUL, @Onalim and @tw79 all transactions went great

I have 1 left, takers?!


thank you @diesel286
fast and easy tx :slight_smile:



Did you sell all of your coins? If so I can close this thread. Let me know. :smile:


@Allen1980s i was one of thé buyers, not a seller :blush:
Seller was @diesel286


Ooops. I did not scroll up far enough I guess. LOL

@diesel286 You still selling, or do you want me to close this now? :slight_smile:


I actually have 1…any takers?!


I’ll take it. PM me with BTC address


Smooth transaction. Thanks!