[WTS] GHX Batch 2 - XPY Only


If you are a person with some XPY and you would like to trade them in for some GHX Batch 2 - then please contact me :slight_smile:


what are you gonna do with the XPY? Or is this to help some folks get out of a bad situation?


Too bad my zencloud account is frozen due to chargeback disputes… Otherwise i would gladly take you up on the offer.

I wouldn’t even care what you did with them afterwards :smile:


Some of it would be used to purchase GHX on peoples behalf, the rest would be kept for a rainy day…


at $20 per XPY right? :sunglasses:


Josh? Is that you?




Hell, for $20 each I could buy more capacity than all batch 2 combined :smile:

To bad it’s closer to $0.20


Those sure aint coming out of my lot :stuck_out_tongue:


Anything special to this deal? Or is it the same as selling XPY for BTC and then buyat GH shop?


Dunno it’s an @AnimoEsto thing. GH only deals in BTC.