[WTS] GHX in batches of 100/50


With a sad heart I need to part with some GHX I found a very nice wedding anniversary present but I can’t afford it without selling some of my GHX. I’ve placed it on the GHxchange in batches of 100/50. If you want smaller batches please PM me and I’ll place the order on the GHxchange.

PS: No escrow no direct selling only selling on GHxchange.


why not sell them in 115 GHX batches, in case people want to claim HW at some point?


You want a 115GHX batch no problem I’ll list one for you.


counting my bitcoins… looks like I’m short… sorry.


Dear Daffy,

I might be interested in some GHX.
Do you know what the current revenue is on them, i.e. how much days for 100% ROI?

Kind regards


Please look at the payout topic all the payouts are there.


Thank you daffy!

I`m quite new to this forum so I am not up to speed yet.


Price just went down 0.019BTC/GHX Anyone?


Welcome to our little community :slight_smile:

One important point to bear in mind about GHX is that GHX will be always GHX which means that your asset will always continue to evolve as we bring in new hardware, retire old hardware. Unlike other sites (like HashNest) GHX is not limited to the underlying hardware.


I added a buy order for 52 @ .019.