[WTS] GHX - Ok everybody, this is a BLACK FRIDAY offer - $4.5


Hello community.

Life is full of surprises. and…I’m getting married soon!
Good news is, that my soon to be wife is really THE ONE :slight_smile: …but there will be some significant expenses…so…

I´m willing to sell part, or even all of my coins starting tomorrow.

For legitimacy of this account you can reach to @cyberdexter

update 12.3.2015:

Ok everybody, this is a BLACK FRIDAY offer :sunglasses: :cocktail: :hamburger:

If anyone thing I´m crazy, take a look in calendar! Tomorrow, we will be celebrating 1 month of hashing, from one Friday 13th to another Friday 13th….

BF price: 1.55 / TH!!..this is about $4.5

1.55 BTC / 1TH = 100 coins
0.0175 / 1 GH coin

to ease your mind, i will calculate this for you

1 coin = 0.0155
5 coins = 0.0775
10 coins = 0.155
20 coins = 0.31
40 coins = 0.62
50 coins = 0.775
100 coins = 1.55
1000 coins = 15.5

Please send whatever BTC amount you decide here: 1KVrqZ9CAK1tBfKzBA6QSQ3JfNhvvDJqB5

[Ended] [WTB] GH Coins

Wohhoooooo someone is getting hitched!! :couple_with_heart: congrats!! :slight_smile:

I’ll escrow for you if needed. Doubt you’ll need it on smaller chops but if you do need an escrow let me know.


I could do 5 BTC worth if that would help.


Interesting timing, would you accept $4.2 per if someone could buy them all in one block? (you get your money back, plus all the payouts to date as profit) :smile:

Also a bit of advice, run off and elope!
My wedding cost $180, a coffee and a biscotti.
Plus the ministers wife was a photographer so pictures were part of the outing.

Been married happily for 6 years now (on April 1st, which was fun since nobody believed us :+1:)

Congrats by the way!


Congratulations on getting married.


Too rich for my blood, but congrats on the upcoming wedding.


As soon as ltcg pays out I’ll buy it. :wink:


I think @NOVERIA wants to get married soon™ :stuck_out_tongue:


When I get 20$ for my XPY I’m going to buy all of you out


@NOVERIA PM inbound.


That would be my advise as well. Weddings are the very definition of “scope creep”. “Well, if we invite you UNcle, them we have to invite my Uncle, and his wife…and…then there’s the cousins from…Oh Yeah, and great-Grandma…”

Next thing you know, there’s a hundred people you have accommodate. And florists, and wedding planners, and caterers, and…


OMG, the price of the dresses and the cost of the tuxes and those bridesmaid dresses…ARGH !!!


HI, sorry guys, I´m late, some client server stuff issues right in the morning…

First, thank you all for your kind words and help!

@cyberdexter, @Redacted, @ThePeddler, @Leo, @ctgiant, @sburn @gotram, @lothendriel and all others…

Thank your for your advice, I share you opinion on that…
We are thinking with my girlfriend, to make it like this…It will be hard to our families, everybody hopes to see it big way, with all the “usual” movie stuff around etc…but we don’t particular like it this way. It is OUR wedding, so it should be under our management.
We always wanted to go French Polynesia…so, might just just buy 2 tickets there and get married privately…and enjoy our honeymoon properly :slight_smile: I believe it will be much better and there will be nobody, who could ruin it for us.
We can run small party later, just for direct family, no uncles, cousins, their friends, friends of friends etc…

to the sale:

I don’t really need to sale, or at least not all of my assets here. I could liquidate other investments to fulfill my target, but I see the demand and the passion of our community here towards GHX. I also believe it would be easier and faster. But I have some time, I´m not in hurry…

@ThePeddler I obviously like the comfort of selling all in one deal, but I want to have something from it…unfortunately I´m selling to early, it is just 2 weeks after start and I bought in when BTC was @220…soooo low. When you propose original price of $4.2, you have to take in account the BTC price of the purchase time and that would mean loss for me in term of BTC.

If you, or somebody else is interested in whole account, I can GO 48.5 BTC lowest.
Otherwise, I start to chop it today and fulfill the “orders” already received.


The worst part is, the whole point of the event (the union of two people) is lost in the whole production of it.

Some folks like the whole process of the production, but the day should really be about the bride and groom. Also don’t get me started about all the bullshit with the catholic church as well (for those of that faith)…

Being raised catholic but ultimately veering away from the church leads to other issues even though in today’s age one would think that stuff didn’t matter anymore :smile:


I fully agree on that with you…
see post before.


Continuing the discussion from [WTS] 2537 GH Coins. Who wants to be #2 shareholder now?:

If LTCGear pays, I can REbuy all of you of you from batch#1 just myself…lol :smile:
But, most likely It will never happen… :disappointed:


Smart man.
That way everyone is happy :smile:

I will hang back and see what is left over after you chop up the chunk.
My issue is I will not have BTC until next week (waiting on the traditional fiat system processing times) but will have more than enough to cover.

With the price of S5s (original purpose of the incoming BTC), it’s hard for me to justify purchasing any GHX in bulk much over the original purchase price since for the same price you get around double the BTC output today in hosted S5s.

There are benefits in holding GHX (various payout sources and awesome community development) which is why I am holding a significant amount already but I’m looking to get the most bang for the buck since getting hosed by GAW :smile:


[quote=“ThePeddler, post:17, topic:1737”]
I’m looking to get the most bang for the buck since getting hosed by GAW
[/quote] Same here buddy…They siphoned from me over 40K usd.


Starting to sale NOW:

fulfilling the PMed orders now, accepting others.



Whomever buy GHX today is receiving full payout from yesterday as a new share holder of them.
please correct me, if I´m wrong @cyberdexter, @Daffy ??


I wish you all the best and I hope you get your trip. That’d be so nice. That picture looks awesome :slight_smile: