Wts lap dance


Lol just kidding`

Feel free to close my shannanigans


DAMN YOU !!! lol

i hear you will be able to use xpy in strip clubs for lap dances soon™

edit: lappay, paypole, paydance, paystripper,

I would use payflash but they already got that one.


You can get the cheapest seats with a special on herpies


I’ll give you a dollar for it :smile:

QR code tattoos for strippers was my idea when talking with Bitcoin Bar. He wanted to run with it but didn’t want to do any of the work for it so the idea (as good as it was) sadly died :frowning:


Youuuuu again!

I would take you up on the offer but you’re a bloke…



Yepp, I’d take one from her but not from @tankjnr :slight_smile:


Hell if her kooch did that to train tracks I would stay AWAY


actually that’s not a bad idea lol i would suggest a QR code on a garter around one thigh instead of tattoos though


It was a great idea, but the adult industry is something that likely wouldn’t fit well in the portfolio :smile:
If anyone runs with the idea they will make a killing though!


This offer still on the table? So to say…




Actually i seriously want to buy a lap dance

I will pay good Bitcoin to see you give @gawsomegoat a lapdance :smile:


how “good” is “good Bitcoin”



idk but its got to be better that bad Bitcoin right?


I LOL’d almost to death on that one!!! classic


Yea…I googled it. I still can’t tell if that is a BTC QR code. It does say “deposit” above the QR code and if you click on the pic from the google image page it takes you to btctalk where they are discussing her tat

@tankjnr I would take a lap dance from you any time big boy