[WTS] Mining Contract Antminer S3 / S5


Available for Mining Contract

3x S5 units at 1.150TH/s each

2x S3+ units at 440GH/s each

2x Rockminer R3 Units at 440GH/s each

Price for contract is base on

Add 10-15% renting fee from btc payout calculated for each miners.

Various time contract available.

Great when you need mining power for new coins.

Escrow services accepted.

French Talk

This looks cool, next thing you know we’ll be running our own version of Nicehash :wink:


List of SHA coins

NMC – Namecoin
PPC – Peercoin
DVC – Devcoin
TRC – Terracoin
BTE – Bytecoin
IXC – Ixcoin
I0C – I0coin
FRC – Freicoin
XJO – Joulecoin
ZET – Zetacoin
ASC -AsicCoin
DEM – Deutsche eMark
UNO – Unobtanium
PT – Platinum Coin
BLC – Blakecoin
RKC – Reikicoin
TIT – Titcoin




I would like in some way. I got cheaper fee than Bitmain. In Quebec, we produce way more energy that needed because of Hydro. If I was able to raise 100k$ in a week, I would go directly cut a deal for commercial / industrial electricity rate and build a farm here.

But bitcoin market is so unpredictable I prefer baby steps and not lose my house :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


What’s the avg rate for industrial power?


Residential is 0.09$CND / KWh. CND did lost value in front of the US dollars so is good for me.

Industrial rate can go as low as 0.03$CND /KWh like Alcan / Rio Tinto have here