WTS: Two KNC Titan's


As I mentioned in Rootdude’s Titan sell thread, I am in dire need of a new vehicle so have been considering selling off my 2 Titans to assist with that. Will take his lead on price and say I will be asking $12/mh on mine also as that seems to be about the current going rate. Power supplies and all cables, etc will be included. Prefer to take BTC/LTC at current exchange rates or cash on a local pickup. I will not accept anything like Western Union or Paypal via their Goods/Services money transfer, so scammers don’t bother asking. Will throw in the UPS Ground shipping (US only). I have the original boxes they came in from KNC, so will be packed very well for shipping. Or can be picked up if buyer is in NC area and would prefer that. They have been well taken care of, ran in back of my retail store which is air conditioned. So they have never been run in more than 75 degrees temp.

I have a batch 1 that I bought used back about 4 months ago. It had a couple of weak/bad dies and averaged around 230mh or so and I purchased another cube for it and it now averages just over 300mh with the 5 cubes. Currently using a Seasonic Platinum 1000, Seasonic Platinum 800 and a Corsair HX850 to run it. These will be included with the miner. You can see the MRR stats on it here…


Also have a Batch 2 (5 cubes) that I bought brand new a few months ago. All dies functioning at 300mhz with one exception. There is one that will generally only take 200-225 without stopping, so I usually just keep it at 200mhz. It averages over 400mh consistently at these settings. It is being run off two Thermaltake 1200W Gold PSU’s which will be included with the miner. Can see the MRR stats here…


As for references, be happy to provide my Ebay ID, phone #, pics,etc. for anyone. If no interest here in next few days, they will go up on Ebay but prefer to offer here first and skip out on the Ebay/Paypal fees and the risk of scammers on there.


Good luck with the sale @kcheel!


Thanks. I hate to part with them but need a new vehicle a lot more. Way my luck goes, LTC will shoot through the roof the week after I sale them. :wink:



It happens… It’s crazy to think tht people complain about ROI at today’s prices. This is about speculation. Think about all the BTC miners who quit when BTC languished at <$20 when they computed ROI against that price. this really is no different.


Yeah, I understand that. While I loved it when LTC was going up past few months and those miners were making great money, I am still content with what they bring in currently. Just been stockpiling LTC and using the BTC they make when rented out. I am about 100% sure I will regret getting rid of them, as they are not easily replaced.


Litecoin is going crazy this summer, back from the dead. Good luck with your sale.


Thanks. I have had a couple of offers where I still host or co-own them but nothing outright yet. My power rate is ok but not low enough that I would think anyone would want me to host for them. Pay $.13 kw at my store. But if someone really wanted, guess that could be possible.

They are listed on Ebay now, so will be sold in next few days for sure if someone wants to make a BTC/LTC offer before then.


I have a Titan Batch 1 . Never used. have receipt and pictures. would love to entertain some offers.


hey what price are you looking for?