[WTS] Two Paying LTCgear accounts 1486 + 2000 shares


I hereby would like to sell two of my LTCgear accounts.

As you can see, there have been no hiccups with payments or whatsoever.
Just paying out steadily as it should.

Please post a reply with your offer or send me one via DM.



Well that’s stretching the truth a bit. Nothing wrong with trying to sell your accounts, but don’t oversell your wares.


Don’t want to sound like the wiseguy here, but there haven’t been any hiccups at all.
Larger accounts have had that issue, I didn’t.
Anyone interested in buying the account can contact me and I will provide txIDs.


Still selling, please DM your offer


Are the accounts still paying? Could you post a screenshot please. Thx.


It amazes me people are still even considering buying ANY LTCGear accounts at this point… :money_with_wings:


@ThePeddler I’m not. I asked for a screenshot because I know LTCGear is not paying, but this ad states that the accounts are being paid. Buyers should know the facts.


Amen to this :+1:


Interesting to see that @Timmieman’s withdrawal requests for Nov 23rd and 30st were processed.