[WTS] Uncleared LTCGear Account


Hello, I have a fairly large LTCGear account that the maintenance fee hasn’t been paid nor has the option to convert been activated.

While this is a long shot I thought I would see if anyone is still holding out hope that Beekeeper will come through. I would like to sell my account or would be willing to trade for GHX if that is easier.

Let me know.

UPDATE: Would be willing to take 1.5BTC or 100 GHX if anyone is interested.


I am curious, is there still an option to pay the maintainance fee on this account?


yes there is


What price are you hoping for?


quite honestly I am open and didn’t really have many expectations.


@gotram is buying up accounts he may offer you a fair price, I could only afford to pay 1 BTC, it would take me a long time to save up the 41 BTC required to settle the Maintenance fee lol.


Let me see if @gotram is interested at all and if not we may be able to make something happen.


normal fee accounts not interested, cant reach ROI with them


How come @gotram, do similar sized accounts exist with a smaller fee attached to them?

What fee would you look to pay on a 10000 qASIC account?


0.0006 btc/asic is low fee.


Thanks, so there are accounts with fees as low as this?


Yes, with these I can generate for ASIC SHARE COIN the high bonus payouts.


If anyone is in a gambling mood, open to most any offer. Just want to put this one behind me.


Looks like my maintenance fee was reduced?


He is running out of BTC and needs some new fuel for the fire.

Edit: my fee was halved as well. Now that I only owe 18 BTC I’m going all in…ha!


I have two up for sale if you want to make an offer.

20600 + 50 2nd gen … ~18BTC fee
~1909 + 20 2nd gen … ~.85 BTC fee

Make an offer if you are interested.


@gpatt Great transaction, trustworthy



Please send a PM :smile:


How is that fee looking now?


@gpatt is this account sold now?