[WTS] up to 275 GHX at $5


Hi all

Looking to sell about 275 GHX at $5 / coin. Approx ~0.0189 BTC / coin which is close to the original ICO price. We can use @AnimoEsto or @taylan as escrow. If not, buyer will send first but I doubt we’ll need escrow. :wink:


Um, are you selling GHX or XPY?


LOL, know what I mean? That thing follows you around like a virus. Thanks, updated :slight_smile:


Selling as one block or breaking up?


I can break it up, no problem.


I had an ex-girlfriend like that. I broke up with her but she just couldn’t take the hint. :smile:


just bought some, no escrow.

thanks @cyberdexter


Thank you too. Nice and quick transaction :+1:


Quick and Honest. No escrow, I went first, no problems


how many left ??? any left @cyberdexter


Thanks @diesel286 , that was super quick :wink:

@flirtz, approx 180 GHX but I’ll have to stop selling if BTC keeps on rocking like this.


still selling?


Depends on how many GHX you’re looking to buy :wink:


hey idk why it wont let me pm you. I am interested in buying some, pls pm me. @cyberdexter


HI @awas I’m on slack. shoot me a PM there :wink: