[WTS] Various assets


Cleaning out assets from coinprism account…

Post or PM offers for any of them if your interested :smiley:
Edit - Crypto Giver Token not for sale and is going to be destroyed.
GH Burn test non-rev asset. A test asset/coin for when the GH team was experimenting with burn tests.
ClueSticks non-rev asset made by @Daffy.
*WOT Ocean Token non-rev asset made by @ThePeddler for a game never played :frowning: *
*Payout Post Coin non-rev asset. Made by @DirtFighter + @lothendriel *
Minion KingBob non-rev asset. I think its part of a collection.
Asic Share coin is a rev asset made by @gotram. But as of late has not responded to inquiries on his threads for this coin.

These assets might have a sentimental value to some before they are deleted.


I’ll buy them all for .001btc. :grinning:


Maybe you should add to the OP that some of those are non-revenue generating assets. :wink:


I’ll ponder on it.
Also a quick edit. Giver token not for sale now. I’m going to destroy them. I forgot @ThePeddler retired that project.


Yeah thanks for the reminder. I forgot not everyone here understand these asset/tokens were made for fun.
Edited OP


@DirtFighter created the POP coins? Blimy…never realised that

Wonder how the old gits doing.

@DirtFighter if getting named still triggers n email alert, pop by, say hi :slight_smile:


Are they completely retired? I think I remember him saying that current GIVER owners may be able to get something toward a new project…

Looks like that announcement was in November. I’m still holding out hope that something comes from them. :slight_smile:


I’ll happily send you some more tokens if you’d like to increase the offering…


He came up with the concept but the asset is mine lol :wink:


Yeah asked @ThePeddler in chat just now to confirm. No plans to continue.

I couldn’t find who made it by search, edited OP :wink: . @quigley said dirt made it.
I knew you did some art for a couple coins too.


LOL. Yeah he came up with the idea and told me to come up with art for it and I took it a step further and made the asset as a joke so people could trade them off on payout thread


Yep, unfortunately the scrypt hardware was flaking out enough that I scrapped that asset idea unfortunately…all the hardware is sitting in a pile waiting to be sold (or mostly repaired and sold… about 5 of 16 units are still 100% and were listed) :money_with_wings:

It’s better to scrap an idea before it gets off the ground than go live knowing there will shortly be problems. I can’t knowingly operate like that.

Who says that idea is dead?
Just forgotten about as it fell to around 20th on the list of projects :joy:
That said it will all be web based if it ever comes about as organizing it all with colored coins would be a nightmare.


Hi…better late than never ehh…this forum is linked to my Gmail and I check that one about every 6 months

POP coins was a fun one for a minute…I had lots of help with it…it was all just for laughs


the idea was all ours…the art and most of the designs where @lothendriel good times :slightly_smiling:


Good to see you’re still about, are you still bitcoining or have you had a break from all this geek stuff?