[WTS] Zen Staker Account 1000+


Hey guys, just gonna list my account here too. If anyone is up for it then by all means take it :wink: But I’ll probably resort to listing it on the market now that it’s opened up.

x13 31 days (3 month)
x10 40 days (3 month)
x355 121 days (6 month)
x111 130 days (6 month)
x1050 immortal


O.O You’s rich! LOL


Ha ha not even close XD especially after investing it all in this


Do you accept GHX?


Actually, I might actually :-p Open to BTC and GHX, XPY offers will be shot down

EDIT: Yes I used actually twice


wow @Gava, maybe it was the red cup, but i didn’t think you were that heavily invested. I saw you had stuff posted on the zen market…

If you care for my opinion, I’d say wait for the next announcement and sell then on the market. Or just set them all to sell for $30 or something… i mean, for the immortals anyway. It’d be a lot easier that way too, but you gotta have a bit of patience.

Others may say that it’d be dumb to wait, and GAW won’t do anything, but I think they’ll do enough to get the value up for someone to buy.


Yeah too much everclear in that dang cup or something. Honestly I don’t remember much about that time But yeah I think once those stakers become more rare the price might jump a bit… the only problem is… Will Paycoin last until then?


I offer one rare dollar from my pocket


Is there a hole in your pocket?


Yes thats how i can touch the anaconda


Dang it @tankjnr not here, we’ll talk about this later… er um I mean you’re scaring away the numerous buyers here!


you asked? lol


touche! Get ya stakers here, no xpy, only bitcoin here


Careful, he has those strange looking Aussie dollars, not the real ones. LOL


I can see a bump happening (soonTM) if GAw follows through with their plan of launching HashBase. It would definitely create a rush.

Anyway, GL @Gava, I hope you mange to sell your stakers.


I hope sonone buys my last little bit on the hashmarket so i can be done with JG/GAW. After it sells, that will be the last early addoption I ever do, no offence to GHX.


I have some Dogies left… How about some Splatcoin or Loonies?


I foresee a problem in your strategy. You will no longer have any rights to go to HT and be a dissenter or antagonist. Plus, you will no longer have the right to JG bash and denigrate his lack of business acumen. Are you sure you want to get rid of your account? Maybe you should keep a few Hashlets, just to keep one toe in the water. :smiley:


FTS they can have it, how im still not banned I will never know,


Off-topic… let the poor guy sell his stakers :wink: