X11 algo ASIC/FPGA?


I’m curious if you all think that there might be sufficient interest in a X11 algo ASIC/FPGA to spend some time trying my luck on a kickstarter. I think that X11 ASICs will be a tough nut to crack with the memory requirements and I’m not convinced that the advantage you’d get over some of the faster CUDA based GPUs would be worth the cost, but I think it would be kind of fun. Interested in people’s thoughts here. Thanks.


A pre-order kickstarter for ASICs is not likely to go well, regardless of the interest. If you could do an FPGA product that worked in order to build credibility, it would likely go a long way. At the very least it’s bound to be cheaper to prototype the FPGA than the ASIC. The advantage over the GPU is questionable though.


If/when the coin algo is changed, or mining becomes unprofitable, an ASIC/FPGA becomes a brick. GPUs have the advantage being used for other uses and have a decent resale value on eBay.


Interestingly the folks I have spoken with (albeit briefly) suggested that there was less difference than one might think in terms of prototyping an ASIC versus an FPGA. Don’t know that I believe them, but they likely knew more than me.


ASIC’s yes FPGA’s NO they can be reprogrammed (Field Programmable Gate Array) the name implies it already.


Depends what you mean by proto-typying. Both are circuit design, but usually with ASICs, you have to pay more to get them produced, since with an FPGA you’re really just using the device, not building anything new.


ASIC’s yes FPGA’s NO they can be reprogrammed (Field Programmable Gate Array) the name implies it already.

Of course. I wasn’t clear enough. But neither have the widespread resale potential of a GPU. An ASIC or a FPGA is limited to the miner aftermarket… A used GPU has millions of potential gamers as an aftermarket.


An FPGA can be used for anything if the board it is placed on is generic.

This for instance has a bitcoin miner.

but also all these other examples of how to use it.

If there is an after market for anything like this I dono. I never trusted anything second hand in electronics anyway so…


Much truth :+1: