XMLGOLD Master Card


I’ve been looking into debit cards that can be charged with BTC and found this.


Anyone have any experience with it?

Fees are rather steep.

Income                               Cardholder pricing
Monthy Service Charge                               1.50 €
ATM Withdrawals in UK (min 1.5€ max 5.60€)          1.50%
ATM Withdrawals outside UK (min 3.00€ max 7.50€)    2.00%
POS Purchase UK                                     1.50 €
POS Purchase outside UK                             1.50 €
Minimum Top-up                                     15 €
Maximum Top-up Amount Per Day                   €6000.00
Maximum ATM Withdrawal                           €750.00
Maximum Card Balance                            €6000.00
Maximum Daily Spend                             €6000.00
All Decline Fees                                   $0.00


Nope. I’ve ordered my card from https://anxbtc.com which should arrive any day now. @Reini had that card for a while now and seems to be happy with it.


Yeah ordered my ANX 2 days ago and will be shipped on mondey


Humm That XMLGold card as a chip on it… That seem to be very interesting on my end… Here in canada we have the Chip and Pin working for a while and during Christmas Time I got a card from CAvirtex and since it didnt have a chip on it some store were not really warm to it… I had to basicaly prove that I wasnt a fraud!

Bookmarked !! I will look into that one in a medium future…


This chip is a big pro on this card. Here in Spain we still most terminals (especially in Supermarkets etc) still have the swiper as well. However, you usually have to ID yourself if you swipe the card instead of inserting the chip into the reader.

Looking forward to read some first hand feedback here.


try www.e-coin.io - bitcoin Visa debit card available to order, immediate loading, low fees


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