XPY - Paycoin Mandatory Wallet Update


Paycoin hard forked on October 23.

Due to the constant syncing issues and chain problems the Dev team has released a new mandatory wallet update. Upgrade to 3.2.0:


BAD!! Hybrid rabbit flux capacitor blockchain , no soup for you!!!


there’s still a Dev team?!!? LOL


Does this still exist?


So “this” is what I get for being neutral (for once)… oh well :laughing:


Ha, given the post I just made on the potcoin thread this is strangely prescient…



yea was able to sell 15k when it hit a nickel the other day. :grinning: :+1:


Thanks, @cyberdexter I saw this. There’s also some micro prime key’s you can import into the wallet and you have to get them form Zencloud. Seems like a lifetime ago I want in there. Oh well got to save my $20 paycoins :slight_smile: haha

The new wallet don’t synch up correctly. Much trouble with it. Looked at paycoin board and seems others have issue too. Talk of torrents??? Oh Jeez… My guys is n $20 :frowning: lol


I miss that tiny red rocket…

LOL, do not google this if you’re a cat!


Has anyone tried the new wallet with the micro prime key?