XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY


Yeah, that was probably not the best idea :slight_smile: From what I understood withdrawal is disabled anyway…

Thanks for looking after me :wink:


We’re always there for you bud :smile:


Well, just for the record. I was only updating on platform XPY.io, not Paycoin as in the coin itself.

It wasn’t my intent at all to be defensible :wink:

Huge generalization :confused: Not saying it does or does not match XPY-team, whoever that is.

Nope, not at all.


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This is Rants, right?


No no no. Your not allowed to comment on rants without reprimand! Lol



Off topic: Today the 30th million copy of Thriller was sold.

On topic: XPY sucks.


To scam, or not to scam, that’s the question :slight_smile:

Soon™ or soon we will (not) see it.


The first ex-pee-why scammed our monies…lets see if we can scam our monies back.


Happy to tease it doesn’t look anything like scam this time.
The platform looks really like a good start. Still a lot to be done.
This really is a step forward :slight_smile:


12 months tops. There is 0 means of application for 99% of the altcoins neither do they have the finances to build their market capitalization or for marketing. Sidechains, digital assets, blockchain is the path we’re going, altcoins are dying because they don’t bring anything new to the landscape that can’t be done on a different chain, sidechain or in form of digital assets.

Exchange = Money Handler License?
Mining = Proof of mining and hardware?


The ‘AFFILIATES’ link is a dead giveaway or ‘red flag’. It screams, “Drag others into this and we’ll give you a small bonus for keeping the scam alive a little bit longer.”


Who’s running the ‘Cloud Mining’?
When do you suppose it will be hacked?


It comes PRE-hacked.


I don’t agree. Altcoins brought many ideas (technical and economical) to the world of crypto, although they might have short life. Edit; guess that’s the 1% you were saying :wink:
I do agree on the vision for asset management thru blockchain, but that’s not really “bitcoin-only”.

Exchange; none yet. Do you need a license for BTC-XPY only if no dollars involved? I would not know.
Mining; currently they are reselling. If I understood it okay GH will be sending out some hardware too.


I think it is supposed to be reselling Genesis Mining + some SP50 from GH? I’m not sure though.


I hope it happens during beta. At least not after BETA. But some guys out there arer smart and full of hate and destruction, that’s for sure. I think @huey has some good story to tell on the security part when stuff is ready. It’s only closed beta yet. They have not even launched it yet.

Imho it looks like a good platform to start with building stuff. That’s for XPY.io. For Paycoin we’ll still have to see what it has to add in value/features or it’s own. I know there are different opinions on wether or not build more features on the core chain. Some people just want to keep the core the same and build stuff around it, like @cyberdexter mentioned open assets and (loose) side chains. I’d personally like the last option.


Everyone was scammed by Garza not the coin specifically. Seperate the views. Orherwise youre not going to have an efficient conversation.


I like the community, I like the project, I have fun. I like the platform

I do not know the laws. I’m not saying Paycoin is worth anything. This topic is about the XPY, so not posting about it because people (incl me) were scammed by Garza (edit; what @nemesio said, though I understand the emotional aspect like you said @rootdude I opted for a rebrand for only the name ;-P) would be lame imho.

Bitcoin is too much set in stone already for me. I like the fast development of (some) altcoins (for example NXT/ETH). Maybe it’s because I’m more in it for the technical aspects and fun than for the financial aspects and big money.

Maybe Paycoin should be worth 1 cent. Fixed price. Then it would maybe just be about features and fun. And take away any financial interest to even make it a scam :slight_smile:



^^ This.

Has anything XPY-related ever been anything but either a scam, or a massive security breach-in-waiting?