XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY


holy ■■■■, this was a statement voiced by many about BTC just a year ago! :stuck_out_tongue:


yep that Evil BTC created by a thieving scammer, kept alive and manipulated by shady characters. glad I got out of BTC and dumped everything into XPY…


because that’s what people are telling others to do… :stuck_out_tongue:


agreed which is why i say


You guys are just fudsters trying to break paycoin…
… well the jokes on you because paycoin breaks itself just fine without you!


where? on GAW forums?


Well then, you better stock up on XPY, according to your logic.

Edit: are you a secret XPY dev or something? You support this coin a lot it seems. Just curious. Seems odd, but o well. I respect your choice though.


I think he’s just taking a neutral position to allow discussion about the coin and its different developers to take place.


Im not supporting the coin. Im looking at reality and basing my responses on that, not an emotional response which ties two different factors into one.


do you think the coin is as fairly distributed as lets say peercoin?
what criteria was used to distribute the engine of the whole scam, the premine

there is of course residual value to the coin due to the ponzi hence distribution is a key question


Wow this discussion is still going on. I am not even going to ask what I missed almost 4000 pages deep.

Happy Holidays and New Year
@rootdude @suchmoon @nemesio @AnimoEsto

Paycon is still around . Who would have thunk


Yeah it would be good to see a clear, fair and final solution to that, whatever that is.


Two weeks without lolz, time to necro this tread back up.

I am buying XPY as fast as I can […]


Pump it like it’s 2014.


There are a lot of people in crypto that irritate or frustrate me, but Mr. Coins is a complete POS. I laugh how they welcomed him with open arms, even opened back up the MicroPrimes so he could get his. I hope they milk him for every cent he has left. He shilled for Garza so hard and when the ■■■■ hit the fan he went running with his tail between his legs instead of being a man about his actions. 100% pure greedy coward and nothing more.

XPY to the moon!! Cause Mr. Coins said so!!!




I hope he makes the 4 BTC he paid me for my account at the end…
Then lose it all to another when he buys in again too deep.

I’m going to leave the XPY crowd alone for now.
Altcoins in my opinion will be dying out by the end of the year unless they produced a worthwhile project.
I don’t foresee the XPY team doing such things.


Some people don’t learn from their mistakes, do they?


He knows. They all know.
This altcoin has to be the longest con-run I’ve seen.
They’ll just keep using the bag-holding fold method over and over.


Dead horse and such…

BTW, congrats Aether, your reply was post 3,900 in this thread! :stuck_out_tongue:


its mine :slight_smile: ALL MINE!!!

Edit: well it will be in about an hour