XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY


"It’s resold through Genesis Mining so that’s up to Genesis’s discretion as these are lifetime contracts. I agree it should say who is providing the hashpower.

Eventually we may run our own farm! This was stated as a long term goal by Adam."

I shouldn’t say it, but I can’t wait for the halving to cause a chain event of multiple GM contracts going bust and them in the process. Who am I kidding, it will probably be three months from now considering the rate they pay out.

Anyone think that group is capable of setting up and maintaining a farm?


I reckon those that could have…

(looks around the forum)

…yup. Those that could have, have :slight_smile:


It’s all great that they are trying to set up mining, but to choose Genesis Mining of all places is just baffling. Was hashnest too profitable for them?


You should… go ask them for that infinite wisdom of theirs. :smiley:


Yes with a bit of help :wink:


I don’t think my brain could process the logic of that answer…ha!

They should have came here and asked about hash power. Could have made a larger group buy from hashnest.

I think I need to smoke a bowl for all this to make sense…smoke em if you got em!


I am thinking about buying one or two million Paycoins…

Think this is a good idea?




If you could buy all 16 million and set them on fire I’d bring a bag of marshmallows.


Let em burn and the marshmallows toast. Hell, break out the shmoores…


Is this a strictly paycoin discussion or can we talk about Garza too? If so then I didn’t get what I really wanted for Christmas.

I was so looking forward to having Josh Garza’s head on a pike too…


Sorry. was just pokin a lil fun…



The forum is not were you get up to speed. Almost everything happens on Slack nowadays. We have channels for general discussion, Prime owners etc. Which also explains why you are fairly confused.


Funny, I was reading all the email dumps yesterday where Josh and his brother emailed this guy and offered him 5000 USD, I guess you read them too.


I haven’t been here lately but I noticed nothing has really changed, this is not a discussion about XPY, just the usual hate campaign continuing, even after one year, as if the coin and the platform is still owned by Garza. I hate him too but we are trying to make the best of it, trying to revive the coin, and still have to live with what happened in the past. As far as I am concerned there is no hyping anymore. You may not believe in xpy and you have the right to say that here. But do not call this a discussion.


And you need an invitation to the Slack channels no?


That is correct.


so it is not a public conversation then. You can pick and choose who gets accepted. What is the purpose of the public forum then if all the “action” happens behind closed doors that only accepted individuals get to converse about?

Either way, best of luck to whatever is going on over there, it is too convoluted for my liking but that is why we each can make our own choices.


I agree with you that the best discussions are with the 252 members on the Slack channel, and we have a lot of fun too :slight_smile: I do not know what is going to happen with paycointalk but there is certainly some information bias. Now and then there are some announcements about features but most members find their way to Slack, and the number of users there is growing. V2 of the xpy.io platform has a chat feature too so maybe it will all be integrated in a platform in the future.


The only problem I see with this is that any new prospective user needs to sign up for something to get the whole story. You should be able to get the whole story publicly on the forum. Having to sign up for something and give your information just to learn about it doesn’t sit well with me…it’s not what crypto is about. XPYbits for example. What they hell are those? Cant find info anywhere. People asked and they were told to sign up for xpy.io and all the info is in there. I am not signing up for a paycoin platform, with that current track record of not being able to keep peoples emails and such under control (I have been spammed many times from an email address I used for paycointalk so I deleted my account and am done with it all) just to find out information about it.

But it seems that a small, private, controlled group is what is preferred in XPY land. And that is great. Because of that, among other things, the majority of people will never touch that coin with someone else’s 3000 foot pole.

Basically, what you are telling me is…to find any legit info about XPY I have to request invites and give up personal information to sign up for some service or platform? 100% no thanks. But best of luck with that approach.