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I am not telling you anything. You can find info about bits and other things on http://xpy.wiki/index.php?title=Main_Page. If you don’t want to touch the coin, fine, that is your right, I was not asking you to do that by the way. The platform is imo the only way to support the value now, and it is in beta. No one is asking you to use it.


I understand that no one is asking me to use it. But isn’t that the main goal of the coin? To get everyone to use it? I was just pointing out that the barrier to entry just for “official” information about the coin you have to sign up for a platform and request an invite for another. Wouldn’t you want all the vital information front and center in the public forum so everyone can see? Not doing that eludes to something that needs to be hidden, whether there is or not that is what it looks like.

Edit: I am not suggesting there is something to hide, please don’t take it that way. It just seems that way when you have to sign up or pay to see something sooner.

Allowing users sooner access to platforms if they buy more things is just creating an elitist atmosphere, the exact opposite of why I got into crypto.


This coin and its features, and the platform, it is all still under construction. I would not want everyone to use it right now, except for trading. And yes, there will be official publications about xpy in the future (this time not on CNN lol), so everyone can see what features it has. When the time is right, more will use it but this depends on features. There is no hiding of information or barrier, it is just a small number of people trying to rebuild something.


I am one of those 252 and I gave up trying to follow the conversation there awhile ago :joy:

There was a ton of activity, but it was all hard to follow with most of the randomness that was going on.

Not everyone is still stuck in the past. Just because a handful of folks are still shell shocked does not mean they represent the overall opinion of this forum.

There are plenty of other interesting threads not related to XPY or GAW :smile:


I was wrong, it’s 353 :slight_smile: Randomness yes, most of the time. But that can be good too.


Boooooo! Ha!


Close is good enough :joy:

We have alot of randomness to on our slack channel, but always make sure the major items talked about are also posted to the forums so folks are aware of what is going on. (All in one place)

I wish more folks were on the slack channel, but that way we know the information is public and readily referable to anyone interested who is not part of the channel.

Boo on you, I thought I saw you go inactive from slack awhile ago :frowning:


I am actually on the Paycoin Slack Channels - but for other reasons :slight_smile:


That is why I am here too :slight_smile:


I haven’t been on slack in months. Why do I need to be? I’d rather go to one place for information than have to decipher thousands of lines of random chat to find the information I need.


I agree with you. Slack is more creativity through randomness but not the best information source.


You don’t need to be.
Starts PMing @mharter relentlessly on slack so he becomes sociable again

It’s really just for fun, but it gets boring talking to the same handful of people every day :laughing:


What he’s saying, @mharter is that he misses you and can’t go on without you :stuck_out_tongue:



It’s nice to be loved…even in the XPY thread!:heart_eyes:


Finally some love in this thread :slight_smile:


Look what happened when you came by. A discussion took place. :smiley:
I see others explained why its obvious people aren’t going to be going to the privatized channels to discuss the coin further.

Same old question again. Why save the coin? Why not destroy it and remake it with the features the team has already made to it?
It still looks bag-holding to me and waiting for enough people to re-enter back into it. So the people who didn’t profit from the last fold, profit from it when the value gains enough traction again.

Oh I’m sure MrCoins will start it up again over twitter and what have you.
Looks like the same shills that licked their wounds are back out to recoup their losses.

Your one of the more rational users I’ve seen over the years on forums/media in my opinion. Yet it looks like the same theater is coming back and looking for an encore.


Lol you read my mind :smile:[quote=“Aethercollector, post:4157, topic:1559”]
Same old question again. Why save the coin? Why not destroy it and remake it with the features the team has already made to it?
[/quote] Explain why we should destroy it? Because of all what has happened in the past?

[quote=“Aethercollector, post:4157, topic:1559”]
Oh I’m sure MrCoins will start it up again over twitter and what have you.
[/quote] <>? Sorry don’t understand the last part. And let him twitter, everybody asks me why we have a privatized channel and now people cannot twitter about this coin.
Sounds like censoring to me.


You can’t have it both ways. You’re saying there is no hyping but you welcomed MrCoins back with open arms. You’re saying this is hate and not a discussion but is that really the way to approach outside communities? You’ve taken Garza’s isolationism even further, hiding behind invites. You’re saying there are going to be features but so far we’ve seen just some fiddling with staking rates and the dubious opportunity to pay for beta access to something.

The good news is that you only have 200-300 people (if that) still hanging around for this. Hopefully you can reach double digits by the third coming of MrCoins.


You clearly haven’t read my other posts answering @mharter, or you just did not want to. Well I guess you see xpy as the devil. At least mrcoins gave you something to talk about again, so good luck with that. And I guess you’re right we can’t have it both ways.