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I read all your posts. None of it addressed what I said. MrCoins is the guy who claimed that the SEC will approve Paycoin. Would you also welcome Homero back? Carlos? Badbitcoin? Where do you draw the line?

You have a great opportunity to introduce all those new and exciting features that I may have missed. Anything?

Discussion by definition involves things that you may not like. I’m not barging into your slack to call you all haters so it is mighty hypocritical of you to play the hate card on a public forum that doesn’t require invites and is fairly open to any point of view.

I would have thought a year was a sufficient period of time to figure out that the “world against us” mentality is a dead end but apparently not. Maybe next year?


Yes, the past and present enable people to have either a larger advantage than newcomers and incentive to push the coin to some sort of swap-able exchange that is worth something.
Same thing happens in stocks.

I meant it in a way to show that hyping will continue again with people like MrCoins in your community. Everyone knew clearly what his incentives were last time, to make a profit, and he doesn’t actually believe in the coin/project. He’ll be social media engineering it as soon™ as he has a large enough incentive to buy the coin cheaply and then dump it when it rises.


he’s already making posts asking people to sell him XPY at a certain price and apparently people are doing it. He came back to recoup his losses, nothing more and nothing less. He absolutely doesn’t give two shits about that coin…it is only about money for him. He posted that he loved Prime Controllers. Why? They are the DUMBEST feature of the whole damn coin. Yet people feed into that hype and buy coin so the price goes up and Mr. Coins gets whole again. Those that are too stupid to realize what his is doing and what he is about deserve to get burned by him again.

Remember, he is the one that posted that the SEC is going to approve paycoin and half the crew jumped on that train with him. He doesn’t care about XPY, just getting his lost dollars back in his pocket.

Edit: Aether, you should post your PM with him from hashtalk where he stated all of this info. I truly believe these folks think Mr. Coins is there to help save them. Quite the opposite. He is arrogant and selfish. Feed him the coins so he can dump them back in your face.


Nope, didn’t forget his ramblings about the SEC approving the coin or some sort other equally crazy stuff.
Battlesheep is there as well again… here’s an old memory of his perceptive abilities.

This is exactly what I’m referring to @pcminer. Its the same play and the same actors coming back again for an encore.

Did you see the FUD or flag section in the paycoin forum?
That’s what will happen, then followed by a long diatribe about how I’m wrong or how he’s changed. Blah blah blah.
I’m not really interested in more sociopath ramblings. If @pcminer wants to see it then I can post it again here. The new forum has the same closed, tribal mentality, as the last one.


What feature would suit your “needs”?


Since you asked…I would like a robot that does my laundry and cooks for me. Also a million dollars and a wife with big ■■■■. (boobs)


spontaneous combustion?

Actually I’m serious. What are the distinguishing unique valuable features of XPY?

I’ve heard “prime controllers” (which to my knowledge still don’t do anything except create new coins) and “the community”, which is kind of subjective so I’ll let it slide. Anything else?


Well I was here just make my point that this is not a discussion thread anymore, I guess it is now. I have to say, if I had listened to you before, I would not have lost so much money. So I am always listening, even if the answers of some of you are in an almost agressive way. I will remember the warnings I read here for the future. The fact that I still do not understand why the coin itself does not deserve a second chance is just my problem. I am stil enjoying a nice community over there as you are enjoying your time here. I wish you all the best and will leave you with a cryptsy XPY address that I found three days ago and will make you laugh, at least I did :slight_smile: it is the largest Cryptsy XPY wallet.



I got no idea.

Nope, I don’ t think so atm.

But my question remains, what feature would suit your “needs”?


First of all I have no “needs” with regards to XPY, not sure where you got that from.

I’m just hearing about “features” since forever so it’s a natural question - does it have any yet? Anything that is “distinguishing unique valuable” compared to thousands of other alts would satisfy my curiosity.


Well this one is flying.

So off the grid with you.


No, I don’t think so. Except for the primes, but that’s nothing positive atm imo.

There is some active development on the coin though, that’s a start.

I am trying to find out what would be considered a “distinguishing unique valuable” feature.


which is not the smartest way to grow

oh i can think of at least half dozen reasons why anyone would be confused with the XPY ecosystem. only one of them pertains to the way information is disseminated.

I couldN’T care less (Edited for @BoBs sanity), and certainly wont be seeking invites to join XPY slack.

a conversation or debate about a certain topic.
plural noun: discussions

it irritates me when people dismiss the past in general and XPY’s past in particular. Healthy skepticism is and should be displayed for anything XPY related. Multiply Scams and Hacks have been perpetrated even after Josh and Gaw were “supposedly” out of the picture. IMHO the only chance XPY had was brutal exposure with users questioning every single thing. Instead its become more shadowy with layers of insulation and what appears to be the same old diatribe of everything is Great!! Soon™ and look at the shiny.

I disagree. look at nearly any thread in the Forum and you will see heavy skepticism for almost any coin or product (including even arguments over the future of BTC). Many of us have become rabid skeptics after the GAW debacle and demand hard evidence before trusting anything and there has been very little evidence of XPY being a good or trustworthy investment.

Wealth Distribution

Top N addresses Holdings Percentage
Top 10 4,366,802 XPY 26.35 %
Top 100 13,291,418 XPY 80.19 %
Top 1000 16,082,469 XPY 97.03 %
All 14410 16,574,337 XPY 100 %


If I knew that I’d be rich already.

Ok, I’ll make it easier. It doesn’t have be a unique feature but at least something that XPY does better than any other coin.



The only feature of XPY is Prime Controllers, @huey and anyone else will agree to this, and have stated it. They will also agree that they still, to this day, don’t do what they were originally supposed to do when envisioned.

However, from what i’ve been watching and discussing, the ‘scam’ is dead. It just feels more like a community trying to survive and stay together. Hence why i have not been on an attacking approach to all things XPY related.


True, so tell me, what is it?


Nailed it?


One it has a really bad history…
Case in point.

Pretend you do a search for XPY/Paycoin. What would one find?
Chaos, confusion, and eventually JG’s suite against him.
Yes, we know its a different team. I highly doubt new users will know it.

Second. Why didn’t the team rebrand the coin or remake it after the falling out of not just GAW? The blatant gaming of Carmelo (BTClend) when he was using a PC key to gain an advantage. *Things like the Premine, stealing of PC keys, Cryptsy’s involvement, made a lot of unscheduled XPY appear into the pool of coins.
XPY was a cloned coin. It wouldn’t of been hard to make another.
The community can literally turn in the XPY by deleting it and make a new asset/coin and continue on but have chosen not… because reasons?
Which leads to the speculation of why people continued to bag-hold it and stake it.
This is the reason why watching actors like MrCoins return is important. He’s going to exploit bag-holders, if not new users.

Edit - Had to ask about this too…

You guys are mining with GM and their horrid contracts!?



Nothing is definit though.

Applying for replacement? Please :wink:


Okay, look, I’m sorry, you guys know I’m not some grammar nazi or linguistically pedantic but I have seen this so many times in recent months and it’s getting to me (across multiple forums, conversation threads etc)…

If you could care less it implies you care, if you couldn’t care less, it implies you don’t. Grr.

Sorry. Erm…yeah, that one has been really niggling me in recent months.

I’ll just go and slink away now :laughing:

Seems a reasonable approach. I reckon the skepticism @InsaneMiner refers to is a healthy response but there’s part of me that wonders if there was a bit of an extreme split between the attitudes of the people when the GAW debacle went down.

It’s almost as if all the extremely skeptical and wary made this their home, and those that were filled with eternal hope and mind boggling optimism went to the paycoin talk forums.

Somewhere between the two extremes there’ a fair balance I suppose.

Or maybe I’m chatting bollocks, the pain killers started kicking in about half an hour ago…


So this just happened. Paycoin is getting more notice…from “Mr Tinfoil” (prank video account apparently)