XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY


It was based on this from Opal coin. But the repo has been removed for the paycoin version.


Even IF the project had someone capable of implementing something innovative that still leaves some major hurdles to overcome:

  1. Who’s gonna use it? Rename it, or repaint it - it’s still Garza’s scam in most people’s eyes no matter what the 200 hardcore supporters would like you to think. Despite publicly condemning Garza they seem to be fully committed to the same fallacies (trolls/haters/etc).
  2. Speaking of which, what are those supporters expecting? Wouldn’t most simply dump it given an opportunity?
  3. Paycoin has been mentioned as the extension of Garza’s ponzi in the SEC lawsuit. It seems reckless to invest any resources into such a high risk coin - what if US GOV decides to make an example of it?
  4. MrCoins.

Luckily it looks like it’s just a relatively small group of remaining addicts so as long as they don’t bother anyone outside of their group too much I guess it’s fine. I fully support their freedom to learn from their mistakes, as many times as they need to.


I support that idea too. My mother always said some people have to keep bangin their head on the wall till they figure it out :stuck_out_tongue:


Let’s get this wall outta the way :laughing:

Yo mama also told you to look after the poor and homeless? I count on you!


Glad to see your back :smiley:
What have you been up to or have you been lurking all this time?


Paper chasing outside of crypto basically. Good to see ya :smile:


Hey @suchmoon you´re riding a high horse, aren´t you? I am wondering why there is so much hate in your mind… i lost a ton of money too, but i´ll hope not to become such a hater… take a pill and relax…you don´t need do get involved into paycoin again…breath…


I’m sorry you see it as hate. I’m quite relaxed and never got “involved” with paycoin or lost anything there but if you think my point of view is somehow invalid you’re welcome to address the issues I pointed out.




Nope he’s not. He never has been on a high horse. He always tries to be as objective as he can.


Very well put @Daffy.


This is a pretty good timeline analysis of the launch of XPY and its rapid fraudiness…

Well, I enjoyed it at least. It’s long but it spells out a lot financially.

Edit: it’s videos like these that people will stumble upon and form their opinion of XPY, either pre or post garza.

By all means TamPaycoin and their followers, keep the name…it has a stellar reputation!!


@pcminer Case in point.
The reputation of the brand, the scam, the chaos, will follow it until the group make a new coin.


Even then, there will still be notorious Bad Actors.





I couldn’t let this thread go almost 30 days without a post.:grin:


I just got a nice email from XPY.io it seems the ponzi needs some new funds.

XPY.io 48 Hour 50% OFF Cloud Mining Sale starts NOW!

Given the incredible rise in Bitcoin difficulty over the past 2 months ( 100%+ increase) we wanted to give people a chance to average down and get in on some cost favorable miners. Making a profit from mining has been exceedingly more difficult over the past few years and we want to do our best to offer the greatest chance of user success.

For the next 48 hours we have reduced our cloud mining rates by 50% when you use BTC. This sale is limited to the remaining hash we have available, we hope this gives some users an opportunity they seek.


errrmmmm… Ha Ha?


Brilliant strategy.



@Daffy With that maintenance fee the contract should be obsolete in less then 60 days