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I had a few minutes of spare time today and took a peek at talkxpy (3rd or 4th name since hashtalk?). It didn’t disappoint. Turns out one of their major features - microprimes - is not working and not only they won’t fix it but also in the best Garza tradition they will yell at anyone daring to ask questions. Looks like their “community” is quite predictably disintegrating thanks to obscenely incompetent leaders, devs, and other assorted scum.


“When are microprimes going to start staking again?”

Oh, there are “groups” among paycoiners. Because having just “trolls” and “haters” was no fun at all.

That’s brilliant! I would love to know how are these clever minds planning to attract more users to a POS coin that doesn’t have a functional wallet and instead requires all coins to be held inside a website for someone else to manage.[/quote]

Someone pretending to have a brain. Dangerous.

Straight from Garza’s playbook - don’t post here, use support tickets so that we could ignore your questions more efficiently.

^ Words of the High Priest (hueueueueuey). I think XPY should have weekly scheduled hardforks. That would make the life so much easier for the almighty devs, they could release any garbage at any time and fix it next week.

And here is one more thread about microprimes, paycoiners giving out brilliant advice such as to use xpy.io multi-hacked online wallet, etc etc:


Crypto S&M at its best.


Kudos for taking one for the team. My eyes couldn’t handle 30 seconds of this sh1t.


All comes down to there’s zero development on the coin since the start. There’ve been many critism about the developers, also because they’ve been selling a lot of their ‘free coins’ slowly over time. I dunno the details about them being voluntary or not.

From my understanding code quality is bad. For example, to fix the MP’s it needs a hard fork. With MP’s were already scheduled to go down in staking percentage and having webbased stakers around (10-12.5%, part of Prime), it’s not worth it. Also the qt wallet seems to be very buggy, so there has been a lot of discussion lately about coin dev in general (or the lack of it).

Next weeks should be interesting.

Also xpy.io will go public soon. The platform seems to work very well.


Keeping in mind that this was a clone of a coin which garza managed to break, as well. I was never convinced that there’d be any serious work done on it and here we are, a year later, having left them to it and the situation remains the same. Utterly useless.

I believe this was always the reason for keeping stringing people along with promises of dev work on the coin etc?

Imagine if all the effort, both in working time, faith and emotional energy that everyone had put into this coin had been directed at Bitcoin instead. People could have built some excellent stuff, there could be all sorts of good things happening.

Not worth while getting distracted by alts imo.


That was me that posted that, I had some coins left over so I figured f**k it, I’ll stake 'em and make some dust.


You quoted me, suchmoon likes me YAY! <3


I love it when your sarcastic, it makes me frisky



There are different opinions about it in the XPY community. Personally I think it has been proven that coin dev is not viable in this community. Business concepts on existing coins could get interesting, but that would only work if the community opened up and partnered instead keeping it ‘closed’ and ‘prove others wrong’.

I still think interesting things could be coming from XPY.io and XPYBits (all have been sold atm). But we should see major changes soon.


You must like punishment @LogicalParadox :stuck_out_tongue:

"Please ask Core Dev questions on Paycoin Github. This forum and XPY.io have nothing to do with the XPY Dev group.

As for the “rich getting richer,” well that’s capitalism. You can participate too and get 12.5% instead of 10%, or you can cry to no one that is listening…" - broyhill

I wonder where the XPY Devs sit in the coins capitalism…

*“That is a very good point. I think the credibility of a coin very much depends on the quality of basic things like a local wallet.” - @pcminer

Oh I was wondering when the Devil would show up for crowd control.

"There are multiple fixes that are already merged into the core code… including the MP fix. However it does require a hard fork. The delay is the testing of the Auto promoting Primes. We are trying to give the XPY DEV as much time to get that release right because we all know we hate forks. Worst case would be forking and then having to fork shortly after again.

Hope that helps." - huey


Oh noez Stephanie is having problems now!
■■■■ must be really bad then.

Okay the brain bleeds have stopped enough…

@LogicalParadox Do you stake your filthy coins on your own local wallet or in that xpy.io platform?


It’s baffling there is still a community to disintegrate. I would have thought by now people would have learned thier lesson and been long gone. Oh well. To each his own. My only interest with this mess is to see the bad guys get it in the end. Soon™


Local wallet.


Aww free for months. I did not even care about prime codes.


Eventually the platform turned out to be NO scam and actually pretty good. There’ve been a lot of development on it by the XPY.io team. Today or in the next few days @huey is supposed to announce an update to the platform xpyio and/or strategy for the BiTS. Exiting stuff I guess, but will not hype until it’s here :slightly_smiling:


I’m sure this will sound sarcastic, but every time I catch up here I’m consistently impressed with your guys community.

You guys are more fun than so many others :slight_smile:


WTF this BS, Soon™, any minute now Fing piece of crap coin/websi… Ohhh look a complement, never mind carry on


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Yeah, we’re all so glad 2 C U Huey. NOT.

Oh, and BTW it’s not a “guys (SIC) community.”


is this a reference to the fact i used a gender specific term?

Oh and glad to see you too :slightly_smiling:


Seems XPY.IO is done for. They are preparing for the next scam.

Here an email I just received.

The XPY.io platform will shutdown on May 15th

All stakers will expire to your balance as of April 3rd

The XPY.io platform will shut down on May15th. You have probably heard that we have been working hard on something new, and we think it’s special. Now there is a limited-time opportunity to invest your XPY into a new venture.


Interesting to see how this plays out. Anything remotely close to XPY is probably going have a black cloud hanging over it.



They will exchange your expeewhys to ions and electrons… I’m not kidding.


Message from the team behind XPY.io

First of all, thank you for your loyalty! The team that developed and maintained XPY.io has always valued the community of people who joined us in a commitment to create a great product and value for its customers. The next chapter is now being written and we hope you will join us in helping to write it.

XPY.io was a business overlay upon an already established, but deficient coin with a tarnished reputation. For XPY.io trying to work with a broken coin was a setup for failure.

When we concluded these were barriers the company could not overcome, we also realized we had an opportunity to create a new brand, with cutting edge technology, and with a business model that works to incorporate them both.

We’re starting over from the ground up:

New coin technology: a cryptocurrency called ION

New business model: a gaming development company called ionomy.com

For additional information about the ionomy.com business model and ION coin specifications, please see ionomy.com.

Because the ambitions of XPY were never fulfilled, we realized to build an effective company, we had to control the technology and make it work for us.

The XPY.io team drew important lessons from its year in operation. We learned that when dealing with something as sensitive as an investment platform, the underlying technology has to be stable and consistent. It’s just too hard to build a business when questionable technology is all that’s backing an investment platform. The coin technology needs both stability and the capacity to grow and evolve to meet new demands.

We also learned that the people involved in cryptocurrency are among the most resilient and generous we’ve ever come to know. We’re proud of that resilience, the generosity, and the enduring spirit of community that we all — not just the team, but all of us — have nurtured. At the end of the day, we’re about the people.

It has always been our goal to deliver value to our customers.

We now invite the community to take a quantum leap into new technology and a new business model that we believe can deliver real value. The new gaming development company, ionomy.com, and their business model involves growing the community of users of the new cryptocurrency, ION, through deployment of video games, a richly featured financial platform, and a social hub that keeps the community growing.

The technology behind the ION cryptocurrency is the newest POS version, powerful, adaptable, and secure. The people, as you know, are rock solid.

Initial Staker Offering details:

XPY will have a fixed value of 8 to 1.
Customers who hold XPY will be able to purchase ION stakers at a ratio of 8 XPY to 1 ION. XPY.io customers can use XPY to purchase ION stakers of three different term-lengths: 6, 9, and 12 months. The longer the term, the higher the base rate. ionomy.com will accept no more than 10 million XPY toward the purchase of ION stakers and reserves the right to set reasonable limits to protect the business model and its userbase.

XPY will still be a coin.
XPY is an open source project. XPY.io has never had control of it and has not been in charge of its development. XPY.io closure does not change that.
All XPY used to purchase ION stakers in the ISO will be burned.

All XPY currently held in stakers will be released to balance Sunday, April 3.
Customers will have full freedom of choice and control over their XPY.

BiTS in the ION economy.
Customers will be credited 8 ION for each BiT they hold. Those ION will be held in 3 month Stakers at a base interest rate. BiTS remain held by the customer.
BiTS will be the exclusive producer of “Electrons,” a valuable asset in the ION ecosystem.

XPY.io platform will be closed permanately May 16th.
All users have a little over 6 weeks to either remove their funds or purchase ION stakers in the ISO.

The ION Initial Coin Offering / Initial Staker Offering (ICO/ISO) period is 6 weeks. The Initial Staker Offering purchases using XPY will happen only on the XPY.io platform. If you hold XPY now and want to invest in the new coin, you will have a limited window of a little over a month to swap.

XPY.io will close for good on May 15th, so anyone who wants to purchase ION stakers directly with XPY must do so before the platform shuts down.


We look forward to this next step in the adventure with you into the new ION economy — the ionomy.

SCAM: Ionomy and Ion