XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY


#I think you missed my MAIN point!!!


I was just looking for an excuse to quote MrCoins :wink:


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XPY - Paycoin TeamXPY, XPY.IO linked to TeamION and IONOMY



During the spring of 2015, the SEC received computer files showing that Garza sold $20,755,203 in hashlets


I’m oddly impressed by that number.


:grinning:I’m strangely amused that you are oddly impressed by that number lol


I am not sure how i feel about the number - strangely I think my most prevalent feeling was of disappointment that it was not higher. How weird is that?


Not enough shadenfreude for you? :animo:


One million hashlets to his… oh hell what was the number… 10 million customers?


It is higher… if you include the paycoins Homero dumped. Hopefully the SEC will eventually count those as well.




The wheels turn slowly…


in case someone stumbled upon this thread…from bitcointalk

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Re: GAW / Josh Garza discussion Paycoin XPY xpy.io ION ionomy. ALWAYS MAKE MONEY :slight_smile:
May 25, 2017, 05:45:22 PM
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I got in contact with the victims dept. You can call that main number and get the same information I got. You have to file a criminal report with Mark Munster of the FBI who is in charge of this case. I would say it is very important to file a complaint because this will determine the sentence(The amount of Loss). Mark Munster(FBI Agent)860-439-6100 860-439-6102 I called the main number and spoke to the victims dept. Probably best to do that first. Their number is (203) 821-3700.

Oh and the reason for the delay to July 20th is kinda sad(Hope Garza R.I.P):