XPY Poker Anyone?


Poker time :slight_smile:
paycoinpoker.com will be releasing full beta Mon - Tue for use with XPY and BTC


BAM! Let’s go :slight_smile:


You need paycoin to play? Hmmm. Pass im not good at it anyway. Lol


Na, its all funzies


I mean I am really really bad at poker. May need to get old @cyberdexter to teach me…


try tomorrow, first lesson; eat a burger, dive right in


It’s in beta so no XPY needed yet. I believe he said monday will be full beta release. You do not have to be good, just a hang out for all the old XPY holders to chat over some cards… pay that man his money ~ Freddy KGB


URL re-directs me to http://paycoindomains.com


Sorry about that, it was a private beta test. I will put up the open beta link when it opens. Hope to see a lot of “old ones” around the tables.


i’m going to be watching this thread!

hold’em? omaha? 5 card? 7 card?




It will be Hold’em to start with, then they will be expanding. They want to do give-aways, bad beats, deposit bonuses etc. which they are working on. @Pbpenthouse1 and the Paycoin Team on HT are the ones to follow for more info.


I gave at the CryptoDouble site…



I know not many people are still holding or care about XPY but if you happen to have some and want something useful to do with it besides jingle in your pocket, the open beta has started at paycoinpoker.com and I am looking for some players to join me at the .05/.10 table because it seems I am the only broke XPY player :slight_smile: