XPY Price


Why is XPY going up??? Anyone have a clue?


pump and dump

some one is running the price up to get people to start buying in then they will dump it. easy at this price and volume


The price going up is due to a few factors.

HT Members have set a ‘call’ to not dump and/or sell their coins for a week.

There’s a supposed announcement coming soon.

i guess that’s just a couple…


Hmmmm, I wonder what this lie will be about? Oh I know, GAW has setup a moonbase and is beaming all his faithful there. If you don’t get an invite, you weren’t faithful enough.


Has *anyone<+ actually been able to withdraw from zen? I haven’t wasted my time trying the last few days. Quite glad to see the rise, tbh, because if and when I finally am able to withdraw, I’ll get a wee tiny bit more :slight_smile:


I’ve tried every day since it was shut down, including a few minutes ago. “Unable to process transaction at this time”.

I have a strange feeling that all of the recent rise in price will be taken back off the table before withdrawals are re-enabled.

Sometimes I think back on my FOREX trading days, and I get very tempted to take just 100 BTC and show people how to really jack market prices around. But then I remind myself that it’s likely to be the average guys on Hashtalk that I would burn by doing that - not the “big boys” - and I think better of it.

(Not to mention the fact that there are 4 million pre-mined coins sitting on the exchanges just waiting to dump.)


Thanks, saves me the bother. For what it’s worth, I sincerely hope I get mine out before you do :wink:


Nothing much left there these days, honestly. I sold off all but some big blocks of immortals, so I’m staking maybe a grand total of 7 XPY per day now. There’s only about 50 built up in Zencloud since it went down. My little send to Cryptsy auto-sell of what’s been building up (if I ever get to do that) isn’t going to bother the market much…


i have resolved to tither, that may come its day, upon when i should bear witness, to the classic pump and dump manipulational tug theories, where even the gods no not where force come, and wind shall show, the everlasting train that moves the pendalum.



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