XWT - WUTcoin


The world needs a safe coin, one that feels just as safe as a Swiss Franc, and that’s the strategic concept behind WUTcoin. WUTcoin is a new direction in crypto, not proof of work or stake. We bring you a new paradigm that focuses on using the coin…

It’s time for Proof of WUT! Every day the total WUTcoin in your wallet will decline by 0.25%. That’s right, you’ll buy WUTcoin with your dollars and bitcoin and you’ll like it. Because, just like investing in the Swiss Franc, holding on to WUTcoin costs you a little bit more each day.

By now you’re probably saying WUT?!? If you don’t spend it, you lose it?!?

Correct. That one feature will solve all the problems that haunt Bitcoin: arbitrary value and little usage.

Look for WUTcoin, Coming Soon™ to all the best crypto exchanges.


Simple, but unique. Look forward to seeing how this one plays out.


I’ll get started on this one as soon as I can find an up to date copy of the AuroraCoin code!



Love the concept, do it! It will be very interesting at least.


tee hee. cool idea. will suffer all the same of lower class altcoins, but atleast your honest about the crappiness! :smiley: do u bring new alg, security, or options? or just looking or a quick pump on your 5 mil premined coins? :smile:awesome tho, nice try haha im good personally


Sorry to point this out, but some occupy geeks already done it with freicoin :slight_smile:


Most coins have this already, and in spades. It is not helpful in the least. :smile:





That’s the whole point of WUTcoin, if you don’t use it today the wallet will take some away before the sun rises tomorrow. You’ll be very clear that the value will be less tomorrow than it is today.

Just like FIAT :wink:


http://freico.in/ :slight_smile: