Yes...just scored me some LTC!


For cheaps in the drop off on Cryptsy… just had to share!! :grin:
Got ‘distracted’ by GAW dumping XPY & got way behind on my buying…& this was the last of the LTC i needed to get back on schedule before the sell orders go back up.
Thought i would share the joy. :dancers: :dancer:
0.00615510 Buys, so setting my Sells between .00665510 & .00690510… < WIll tweak that a bit…


edit because dumb question. Good luck catching the wave back up, hope you get it :slight_smile:


Just setting staged Triggers… then wait. Kinda like snaring rabbit in winter…sooner or later the have to come out. Am usually patient & will wait 2-3 wks & will buy ‘extra’ if the price is right…meaning lower then it is now. Am in on Ltc because of their growing use in legitimate businesses. Its API has also been intergrated into several platforms for ease of users.

There was a .0062 wall that had to be broke, its still low right now but with almost no volume &with the micro Sells bought up with a small wall at .006179…the Sell depth is deeper then Buys, but dont see it going too much lower with any volume behind it.


I definitely need to reinvest in some LTC…been too long since I have held some.


Maybe we should all encourgae litecoin for merchant adoption


I have buy orders at 0.0603 but nothing triggered yet…last time it triggered i sold at 0.066 :smiley:


Its already accepted on a lot of sites, including GAW… and they dont even accept their own coin! LOL


Hope every one else is riding the LTC today? It will prob hit .009BTC soon as the Buy depth is still there. I am looking for dips but the lows are anything below .008 now. :slight_smile:
Feel lucky i snagged some around .00735 yesterday so i could sell them above .009 today…going to buy some chocolate as a reward. :chocolate_bar:


I got the wave & then some. :smiley:
Dont quote me bcoz 2nd & 3rd sourced, but heard it will be a good ride maybe until Wednesday. Some stuff might happen on Wed… then depending that it could go down. Hoping for another Buy fest…but will be happy if it just ends up plateau…am fine holding Ltc.


damn it, don’t remind me, sold most ltc a couple of days ago :frowning:
oh well, sill trying to trade some, maybe I get lucky


I got some today around .0077, should have waited as it went down to almost .0075 but wanted to get my buying done,so i started buying during that ‘W’ but didnt get any Buys in below .00768 by the time i was done. Still will be a nice profit % on the next rise. Anything above .0084 is going to be a decent enough sell for me.