Yesminers, a 99% confirmed scam.



I was quite sure there was a thread about the “too good to be true” yesminers miners, but I cannot find it anymore.

Well, people on Bitcointalk seem to be pretty sure now that it’s an elaborate scam, including people’s bitcointalk accounts being hacked to leave feedback, etc.

a fun read awaits:

but don’t send any money.

the thread also seems to suggest that might be involved too, I have had dealings with them in the past, so I tried to ring their old business number, without success, so CAREFUL! They might have gone out of business and had their old webpresence hijacked to serve as an advertising platform for the non-existing Yesminers.

of course, do your due diligence, don’t believe just me or anyone else, stay smart, don’t be greedy and keep your money in your wallet unless you are 100% sure of who you are paying.