You guys always say redbull but I love monster!


I noticed a trend in most environments that drive people to focus and do their best. It’s Redbull! Red bull gives you wings, right!!! I get it but I am a full on Monster addict. I love the low cal one and I drink it very often😄. Too often at times…


I’m Olde Skool. Before you kids had your Red Bull and your Monster, we drank Mountain Dew.


Haha, I actually drank Mountain Dew, then red bull, then monster. I still like them all but For me now it’s a preference thing. To be totally honest my wife is like those cant be good for you.:relieved: So occasionally I sneak in a Big Red!!! I’ve been drinking big red since I was born. Total kick in the can if you haven’t had one in a while!! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:Gave my wife one about a month ago and she wouldn’t shut up for an hour and 45 minutes!!! I laughed my ass off at all the sh!t she spit out.


Before you kids with your Mountain Dew… we drank Moxie & Nehi :blush:


I will have to remember that for the next time i need someone to talk…sodium thiopental is not exactly legal to use on the account dept. :speak_no_evil:


I just like scotch helps me forget why I invested in Crypto in the first place. + @tankjnr likes a scotch as well. I don’t like wine though.


Oh man I rember Nehi😄 haha

We use to drink Nehi or Pepsi with Pop Rocks!!! What a bunch of goobs. Thank god I survived child hood :yum:


Hey there just found out I can only give out 20 or so likes a day!!! So if you don’t see me posting up in a good threads know it’s because I hit my limit. I am pretty easy on handing them out😄 in return of yiu want to send 20 or so my way a day I’d be very happy and thank you kindly.

@cyberdexter maybe you can do something to get me there quicker😄 JK I know the routine l! Haha I’d hate an A$$ badge ha


Didja know when you put whisky in a tea cup…everyone just assumes it is tea? I am supposed to behave & focus or i would never get vacation time. Drinking wine is like drinking kool aid…without the sugar buzz. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


They’d assume it’s tea till they get close enough to smell my breath. Not that I care! It just seems when I drink I have a little bit of trouble hearing😋 haha


Mountain Dew wtf, thats gorilla ■■■■


Yep but cold it taste like sprite on acid!!! Haha


Never really cared to much for Red Bull. I like the Sugar Free Monster!!


I was drinking a monster drink the other day. I like the mocha drink my self. Then a weird thing, a friend of mine from work says to me “oh you are drinking that devil drink”. I was like" what are you talking about" and looking at him kind of funny. he then proceeds to tell me the “M” on the can is really 666 and that the ( what I thought ) slashes that make up the “M” are in fact the Hebrew letters or numbers that equal 6. So each vertical line on the can is a 6, that is where the 666 comes in. Then he says look at the “O” in monster, it has a cross in it and when you tilt the can all the way up to finish the last bit of drink it is an upside down cross. At this point I was like wow look at that. I then told him I think people make more out of this stuff than is really there. He then tells me to look at the slogan on the can “Release The Beast” I am still like what ever!! The real funny part about this is I am a Christian and I don’t think he is. Shouldn’t I be the one telling him the devil is in that can!!! :smiling_imp:

So now I am curious and I look up the issue on the interwebs and turns out it looks like it is 666 in Hebrew on the can and the other stuff is on there too. things that make you go Hmmmmm!

Any way …I like the mocha on occasion I used to drink Rockstars like crazy but I am pretty sure they gave me Kidney Stones and those SUCK. RedBull and Vodka was a good one in my younger days…amped and drunk watch out!!!

OK so quit drinkin those Monsters…the devil gonna git you MMHHhahahahaha!!!


You must be confused, there is no HPs to collect :laughing:

Yeah. Did you know that if you walk around with your bottle of orange juice wrapped in a paper bag that everyone assumes you’re an alcoholic? :slight_smile:

Edit oh yeah btw… RedBull all the way!


Nehi Grape and Moon pies. :smile:

It’s a redneck thing.


What ever happened to regular old coffee? I’ve yet to find an energy drink that does more than taste bad, but coffee is delicious and always does the trick! :slight_smile:


Coffee still rules the day. RedBull over Coffee depends for me on the time of the day and place and if I want something hot or something cold. :slight_smile:


Microwave a moonpie & a hot chocolate… we will be friends forever. Summer its all about the Nehi orange… & maybe a float.


Coffe, thats like a staple… eat sleep breath coffee. :coffee: Thought we were talking about alternative beverages…?