You know what's nice about GH?


No not Guitar Hero… But GetHashing, I don’t have to put up with ddos protection crap and reload my browser every 30 mins. (obvious jab at another forum) It’s just hey I’m on a forum and I can talk and stuff!

Pointless topic of the day brought to you by @Gava


There isn’t pages and pages of cheerleading


That too!

Or do you mean WE NEED pages of cheerlead(ers)? NSFW and the like


we should get anita


Yeah bring her over, heck bring the whole family!


ask her she is on twitter now. lol


You’ll be able to start collecting POP coins again soon though :slight_smile:


Here ya go @Gava, I poured you a drink.

Alright, who swapped the Crown for Kool-Aid??


Wut haz been zeen…


Get that out of here! grabs Wild Turkey 101 and celebrates GH! Whoooooo!


I prefer JD myself


Great forum! Good folks and intelligent discussion. Not allowing affiliate links was brilliant.


There isn’t pages and pages of illiterate stupidity.


Don’t you start summoning the daemons… we didn’t need it yet thanks to @AnimoEsto :wink:

SSL is on the schedule though.

Nope,just pages full of you and you and you :stuck_out_tongue:

I’ll wager 2 GHX against POP calls! make a note :notebook: :wink:

Oh, and I’ll claim the first! POP

Great call by the community. I like it too


And thats the way it should be


Oh, and lots of :hamburger: of course :wink:


Damn now I got to leave. :slight_smile:


People here have a sense of humor. And aren’t too thin-skinned.


Humor like in having fun?



Exactly. If I’m going to spend hours on the computer, I need to either have fun or make money. Preferably both. Or look at pr0n.