Your Bitcoin Story


Hey all,

I’m interested in hearing peoples story on their involvement in Bitcoin. Some starting questions:

  • When did you first discover/buy into BTC?
  • How do you use your BTC (eg. Gambling, Mining, purchasing, etc)?
  • How do you obtain your BTC (eg. Purchase through exchange of fiat, trading, mining)?

My story:

I’ve only been involved since July 2014. After reading all about Bitcoin and mining I bought a very small amount of BTC and invested it with Genesis Mining. I’m still only a small time player with small cloud mining contracts with Hashnest, Cloudminr, Bitcoin Cloud Services and (now disabled) GAW.

Due to my small holding of BTC, I haven’t really been able to use it anywhere as yet, but am interested in some of the services we have available in Aus (Bill pay, CoinJar swipe card, gift cards).


Greetings all,

My wife and I have started the process of buying our first home. Of course, we’re excited, but I’m also excited about paying off the mortgage early. I’m hoping to use my BTC income to make an extra payment each month.

Since I love to share my adventures in life, I have set up a WordPress installation on my website to help share my journey.

Please feel free to take a look and let me know your thoughts!