Zeus hardware


I have 2 falcons and 2 black widows for sale. Shipping from Massachusetts, USA. Buyer pays shipping. Open to haggle. I prefer crypto.
$75 for each black widow (13MH 500watts)
$150 for each falcon (27MH 1000watts)


Those sound familiar…


Can I convert them to Primes?

(sorry, couldn’t resist) :laughing:


@MadMacs I’ve been mining with them ever since you shipped em to me. They work great, over clocked to 345.
The 2 falcons I bought from Scott Fargo. They run between 340 and 350 for clock speeds as well.
I’ll be checking back to see if anyone is interested.


Updated op.


UK shipping?


Buyer pays shipping. I live in Massachusetts in case you want to run some numbers.


Can’t you give me a quote for a falcon to London then?


I’m not home this weekend to get the exact dimensions but the cost to ship seems to range between $350 and $420 approximately. Sorry I can’t quote it until I get the weight/dimensions. Add $150 to get to a total of approximately $500 - $570.


The Falcons are nice miners. They just run and run.
I am glad you liked them too. :smile:
Good to see you again.


Hi, are they still for sale?


Yes they are. I’ll PM you.


It just amazes me how far we have come already in power consumption reduction for scrypt miners. 27 MH running at over 1000 watts is just crazy compared to say a KnC Titan setup today that runs at less than this consumption rate. :open_mouth:


@Toddimus Did you guys close this deal now? Should I shut this one down? Let me know, thanks :slight_smile:


No, these are still available if anyone wants them. Thanks for checking in, @Allen1980s.